interaction, focused

Dictionary of sociology. 2013.

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  • InterAction (organization) — InterAction (formally the American Council for Voluntary International Action) is the largest coalition of U.S. based international non governmental organizations (NGOs), focused on the world s poor and most vulnerable. It was formed in 1984 with …   Wikipedia

  • Interaction Styles — are groupings of the 16 types of the MBTI instrument of psychometrics and Jungian psychology. The Interaction Styles model was developed by Linda Berens, PhD, founder of the Temperament Research Institute. This model builds on David Keirsey s… …   Wikipedia

  • focused interaction — A concept applied to the co ordinating of face to face interaction by two or more actors. The contrast is with unfocused interaction, which is communication by gestures and signals that arises simply through actors being co present, as in the… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • InterAction Council of Former Heads of State and Government — The InterAction Council of Former Heads of State and Government is an independent international organization designed to bring together former world leaders to mobilize their energy, experience and international contacts in an effort to develop… …   Wikipedia

  • Parasocial interaction — (or para social relationship) is a term used by a social scientist to describe one sided, parasocial interpersonal relationships in which one party knows a great deal about the other, but the other does not. The most common form of such… …   Wikipedia

  • Biological interaction — Biological interactions are the effects organisms in a community have on one another. In the natural world no organism exists in absolute isolation, and thus every organism must interact with the environment and other organisms. An organism s… …   Wikipedia

  • Gravitational interaction of antimatter — The gravitational interaction of antimatter with matter or antimatter has not been conclusively observed by physicists. While the overwhelming consensus among physicists is that antimatter will attract both matter and antimatter at the same rate… …   Wikipedia

  • Service Capability Interaction Manager — A Service Capability Interaction Manager (or SCIM) orchestrates service delivery among application server platforms within the IP Multimedia Subsystem architecture.The Service Capability Interaction Manager (SCIM) was introduced in 3GPP TS 23.002 …   Wikipedia

  • Transference focused psychotherapy — (TFP), is a highly structured, twice weekly modified psychodynamic treatment based on Kernberg’s object relations model of borderline personality disorder. TFP consists of a couple of main concepts, including “internal representation” and “object …   Wikipedia

  • Social interaction via MMORPGs — Massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) is a genre of computer role playing game in which users can communicate with one another (via computer mediated communication), as well as virtually interact with other players. Many of… …   Wikipedia

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